UIG (Utilities Intermediary Group) is the UK’s leading energy and utility consultancy.

Together, our team of highly experienced energy consultants and buyers are using decades of industry experience, combined with market-leading software and absolute transparency from the ground up, to help some of the Europe and Africa’s leading organisations drive down costs and improve energy efficiency. UIG has offices in Preston, England and Harare, Zimbabwe. UIG is a major disruptor in the energy sector with a clear and truly transparent approach to buying, UIG employs some of the most empathetic account managers in the UK, whilst also achieving its goal of bringing employment, education and healthcare to some of the poorest countries in the world.

We help organisations of all sizes with a clear, cost effective and expert utility solution.

This covers anything from negotiating supply contracts and analysing energy usage, through to ensuring our clients remain compliant with the latest legislation, whilst allocating an “energy tax expert” to every single one of our customers, regardless of size, to ensure all potential tax benefits are being received, and any non-energy charges are being billed correctly.