New Connections

If you are a new business, or you are moving to a new location – you will be faced with multiple challenges and sometimes difficulties ensuring everything runs smoothly ahead of launch date.

One of these challenges is establishing new utility contracts. New business owners are often inundated with calls relating to new energy and gas contracts – the facts are as follows:

  • Any debt left on the account (previous tenant) will not be your responsibility once you establish a “Change of Tenancy (COT)” has taken place
  • You may be place on a “Deemed Rate” by the current utility providers for the site, usually around 50% higher than the standard rate – it is important to establish yourselves as the new tenants as quickly as possible
  • Once a “Change of Tenancy” has been established, you are free to negotiate new supply contracts
  • In some cases, UIG will be able to negotiate a “back date”, meaning a refund on the “Deemed Rates” if you have already been paying them

UIG will ensure that, whether it’s supplying gas or electricity, installing new meters, energy reduction technology – or simply ensuring you are taken off deemed rates immediately – utilities are completely stress free, allowing you to focus on the new business/site that you are launching!